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Rickshaw Detroit Pedicab

Rickshaw Detroit Pedicab Service, a unique and fun mode of transportation. Come ride with us and "Relax your Feet." Take the hustle and bustle out of getting around downtown and relax your feet with Rickshaw Detroit Pedicabs. We're committed to providing you with a safe and enjoyable experience while traveling with us. Our riders are fun, friendly and serve as ambassadors for the City of Detroit. We aspire to make transportation downtown both fun and memorable at an affordable cost, so give us a call and enjoy the ride.

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@RickshawDetroit Mar 03, 22:46

We now have an App for Rickshaw Detroit Pedicabs and it's FREE...

@RickshawDetroit Dec 27, 01:39

Meet pedicab driver Terry Walker

@RickshawDetroit Oct 10, 06:16

The Bride and Groom getting ready to make a grand wedding reception entrance. @RickshawDetroit

@RickshawDetroit Oct 10, 06:11

Meet pedicab driver Terry Walker

@RickshawDetroit Oct 10, 06:09

Belle Isle Wedding with Yours truly in a Horse Costume. Having fun and providing outstanding pedicab service in the…

@RickshawDetroit Sep 11, 06:29

Meet pedicab driver Terry Walker

@RickshawDetroit Aug 08, 02:52

We really enjoyed providing outstanding Pedicab service on Livernois Ave. Jazz on the Ave. #ILoveLivernois

@RickshawDetroit Jul 13, 19:36

We love our customers at @RickshawDetroit Welcome to Detroit.

@RickshawDetroit Jul 10, 14:10

Rickshaw Detroit Pedicabs Downtown Tour via @YouTube

@RickshawDetroit Jun 23, 14:04

Our newest advertising client, The Battery Giant. @RickshawDetroit

@RickshawDetroit Jun 23, 14:01

Ready to Roll...Building something special in Detroit. @RickshawDetroit

@RickshawDetroit Jun 17, 06:33

Checking out Detroit's Eastern Market by Pedal Truck. @RickshawDetroit

@RickshawDetroit May 28, 08:20

Come and enjoy downtown Detroit with @RickshawDetroit

@RickshawDetroit May 22, 03:05

We provide outstanding service for weddings. @RickshawDetroit

@RickshawDetroit May 18, 06:34

This is how we roll in the "D" @RickshawDetroit

@RickshawDetroit May 01, 18:30

Meet some of our Riders @RickshawDetroit

@RickshawDetroit Apr 30, 14:44

Encouraging diversity and promoting bicycle transportation in Detroit. @RickshawDetroit

@RickshawDetroit Apr 30, 02:30

Today was the Grand Opening of the new section of the Dequindre Cut Detroit.

@RickshawDetroit Apr 26, 06:02

The purple pedicab "Purple Rain" in honor of Prince, Slow Roll Detroit MI. @RickshawDetroit

@RickshawDetroit Apr 10, 15:30

Due to the inclimate weather, we have delayed the start of our 2016 seasonal operations. @RickshawDetroit

@RickshawDetroit Apr 08, 05:20

Getting ready for the Detroit Tigers Opening Day.

@RickshawDetroit Apr 06, 02:00

Rickshaw Detroit Pedicabs 1 via @YouTube

@RickshawDetroit Apr 01, 00:13

I enjoyed the Wedding Vendors event yesterday at Belle Isle State Park Detroit. @RickshawDetroit

@RickshawDetroit Mar 22, 03:32

Marche du Nain Rouge Detroit

@RickshawDetroit Mar 11, 03:24

Getting ready to kick off the 2016-2017 Pedicab season in April. @RickshawDetroit

@RickshawDetroit Mar 06, 04:13

The Pedal Truck...

@RickshawDetroit Mar 06, 02:48

Take me to the ballgame...

@RickshawDetroit Feb 13, 16:51

Newlyweds getting ready to make a grand wedding reception entrance. @RickshawDetroit The Best Pedicabs In The "D".

@RickshawDetroit Feb 01, 01:29

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